Saturday, January 26, 2008

The ranch with the first good snow

Juli and I thought that we would brave the cold and snow and see how Snickers was doing up at the ranch. It's been snowing so there's a lot of it all over everywhere. The ranch is about 7 miles from us in the town of "Navarre" on 26 acres. They have 18 horses there now, but when Snickers first arrived, there were only about 10. In the fall there are plenty of deer and a lot of wild turkey (not the drink). The cold definitely limits what we can do once we get there, but the inside of the barn is pretty large so Juli can ride in there if it's too frozen outside. Snickers is outside during the day as long as it's not cold and raining and then inside his stall where it's warmer at night.

The road leading up the the ranch

Juli and Snickers

Some of the horses in the back pasture

Snickers after rolling in the snow

Snickers and "Big Delores"