Sunday, February 24, 2008

Maybe Spring is coming??

Ok, we are pretty much tired of all the cold and snow now. it was cool at first... but now we are ready for sunshine and temps above 30. heck, we'd even settle for mid 40's!!

We have noticed an increase in the wildlife we see out and about near our house. We sat in our living room last weekend and watched through our sliding window and saw all kinds of stuff. There were Squirrels, Deer, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ravens, Chipmunks, and bears!!! OH MY!!! Ok, we didn't really see any bears, but we saw our neighbor's dog, Beethoven and he kinda looks like a bear. We hope that means that Spring is coming soon!!

Cute Lil' Chipmunk eating a peanut on our front porch

Blue jay??

Squirrel eating some peanuts on our back railing

This is either a Crow, or a Raven. We aren't sure. Let's say it's a raven

Here's a video we took yesterday of some deer walking through the trees behind our house. There were about 4 in total, but by the time I got the camera, there was only 1 left to film.