Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mom and Dad come to visit '07

My folks came out to visit us after we moved here to Ohio. It was great to see them and we got to show them around the city and take them to the Football Hall of Fame. We also took them to the ranch to see Snickers, and by our works.

One place that my Mom really wanted to see was "Berlin" which is the largest Amish populated towns in Ohio. It's still so weird to see a horse ad buggy among the all cars.

We hope that they get to come back soon!

Mom and Juli in front of our Townhouse

Dad at the Football Hall of Fame

Mom, Snickers, and Juli at the ranch

Mom and Dad waiting for a buggy ride in Berlin

Look who's Amish

Mom and Dad with a buggy going down the street

Last picture of all of us before they left to go to Alabama