Monday, October 1, 2007

The Gathering of the Mustangs

We went to the Gathering of the Mustangs show this weekend. It was in Columbus which only took us about 2 hours to drive to. It was pretty cool to see Dr. P again and there were a lot of planes there flying around doing all kinds of silly things that planes should not do. Some of those pilots are just crazy! Near the end of the show, they had a bunch of the planes all flying at once and some did some simulated bombing runs, but they had explosions going off all over the ground so it was really neat. The sky got filled with all kinds of black smoke and I bet that people who didn't know what was going on probably thought that a plane crashed!

"That pilot is NUTS!!!"

Aerobatics team doing a bunch of silly things

Formation of Mustang, Raptor, Tomcat, and Eagle (I think)

This man used to fly a P-38 in WWII. The book that Mark is looking at has a bunch of photos and magazine articles the man collected during the war. It was really cool.

Me, Sheryl, Juli and Dr. P


Dad said...

Chris,better those guys flying and me on the ground yikes!
Love Dad