Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally walked to the lake

Well, after living here for more than 3 months, we finally decided to hike through the trees, weeds, and bushes behind our house to check out the lake that's behind it. With the weather getting cold (mid 30's to low 40's) most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and bushes so it made it a little easier to get through. Plus we didn't want to get poison ivy again. Well... I didn't want to get it again.

Once we came out the other side, we could finally see the lake. It wasn't really as big as we were expecting it to be, but it was still pretty neat. Way on the other side there was a house with a big backyard that backed right down to the lake. I bet that cost a little bit.

Left side of the lake

Right side of the lake

Juli by the lake


Rod & Carol said...

What a pretty place to have a picnic! It would be a nice place to ride your horse as well, if it's allowed. We miss you guys!
Love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Rod

Dad said...

That is a neat lake.We were going to see it when we visted you guys in September but we did not want to get that poison ivy either.:0

Rod & Carol said...

Rod wants to know if you can fish in that lake behind your house. It sure looks peaceful, minus the poison ivy, that is. :0)
Love you guys much!