Friday, November 16, 2007

First SNOW!!!!

It's been getting pretty cold over the past few weeks and a couple of times as it was raining, there would be what the locals here call "freezing rain" which was a little bit like hail, but only lasted for a minute or two. For the most part it was still regular old rain.

But not today!!!

This morning when I went outside to go to work there was finally some real snow on the ground!! There wasn't a lot, just a light dusting, but it was still really cool to finally get our first snowfall since moving here.

Within a few hours of taking this picture it had all melted and you wouldn't know that it had ever been there.

I hope it snows some more soon.

View from my office window at work this morning

Delores with her first Ohio snow


Rod & Carol said...

Wow! Your first snow! How exciting to wake up and see it starting to look white. Keep the pictures coming. We're glad you have this blog. Love to you both!

Dad said...

Chris,that is really neat.Turn on the heater and bring out the jackets :)Love Dad

Tim said...

Be careful what you wish for... Sheryl liked snow at first, too. Ask here what she thinks about it now. Hope all is well. Hopefully we'll be joining you on the east coast before too long.